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April 3, 2018

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Book Review: Give and Take Why Helping Others Drives Our Success (Adam Grant)

February 3, 2018

Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drive Our Successes 


The stories are real. The feelings relatable. The to do list, doable.

This book has many takeaways for everyone, but there are a couple that stand out for me. 


First, the teacher connection. Teaching is part art and part science and blanketed with a lot of giving. It ebbs and flows in it's highs and lows, but it's a profession that naturally asks a lot. Each year there are new situations, new students, new parents, new attempts to try new things (hopefully). As a teacher there is great responsibility to create an engaging and challenging environment that drives learners to achieve, that supports their emotional development, and individualizes their learning to something that is both connected to curricular areas and their interests. Each day brings new tricky situations  - and for some the daily grind of planning, preparing, assessing, recording, supporting, and facilitating comes at too great of a cost to continue without burn out. Grant takes this idea and brings it to life in a real way, through a real situation, and offers a real solution.Strangely the answer for burn out isn't doing more or less, it's approaching it differently. I don't want to spoil the story, but I will say that many (if not all) of the teacher that I know would benefit from Grants research and storytelling. 


The second takeaway was the idea of how giving back to our social networks can be an empowering tool for connection, growth, and support. I'll simplify the idea - rather than taking time to scroll through hundreds of pictures, articles, ideas, videos, and stories - choose someone to connect with and give them the gift of a genuine response. If you have something you no longer need but can think of a specific person who could benefit from the item, send them a message. If you've recently worked with someone write them a review on LinkedIn. Build your Internet Karma. As long as the intention is positive, the outcome will be too.  (Again, this is overly simplified - read the book to get a better sense of how and what to do!)


I listen to my books, and the time spend taking in Give and Take was time well spent. Highly recommend. 


Check out Adam Grant's Website and rate your Give and Take.





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